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mother and children.

About Designed To...

Postnatal Recovery, Baby Classes and Mental Health in Hampshire

My name is Jenni, and I am a Perinatal Educator.

As a mum of two, I can often be found with my hair screwed in a bun, marmite on my trousers (wait… that is marmite, isn’t it?) and I always have a dinosaur or two in my pocket for good measure! With a military husband based in Scotland, and two wild little ones, I think it would be fair to say I face a fair few of my own challenges being a parent but I’m still here and thriving… just.

I had my first son in 2019 and he turned my world upside down. What had I done? Gone were the festivals and late-night partying; here were poopy bums, sore nipples and late night Cocomelon. 

I was very lonely and I'd really lost who I was as a person. In a mad bid to regain some semblance of a social life, I signed us up to ALL the classes and the days were flying by. 

building a community through classes where mum comes first

My favourite classes by far were with 'The Daisy Foundation'; Tinies, Wrigglers and Cruisers. The best bit was that on the surface it looked like a baby class or mother and baby group; but it was so much more. I found friends and a community in the weekly classes, I learned valuable skills and had a safe space to talk about my feelings. A MOTHER and baby group where mum came first.

Happy mother with wrinkled baby.

My experience as a new mum


In 2020, seemingly out of nowhere came a global pandemic, we were forced to stay at home. I missed the classes so very much, but the community was still there. WhatsApp messages of support and encouragement, mothers supporting mothers. When the lockdown was lifted, I raced back to The Daisy Foundation classes and it felt like the world was back to normal again.

A year later, along came my second child, and I was so excited to sign up again. Walking into a familiar space with my precious newborn: a little older, a little wiser this time; with new experiences under my belt (giving birth whilst having covid being one of them – FYI do not recommend 0 stars)

Becoming a mother for the first time really challenged everything I knew about myself. Being a mother for the second time made me reassess what I wanted from my life. When my Daisy teacher announced she was stepping away from The Daisy Foundation to focus on her own antenatal business I was gutted… no more Daisy?! 

why did I start Designed to?

I felt so strongly about the benefits of The Daisy Foundation, I was SO passionate when I talked about it to family and friends.


Finally, all it took was another ‘Daisy mum’ to say to me out of the blue; ‘you know what you should do though… be the next Daisy teacher! You would be amazing!’ and my heart soared… this was it! The sign I needed to say YES.

A year later and I was a qualified perinatal educator with The Daisy Foundation, I’d set up my website, social media was going strong AND I had people booked onto my classes… eeeeek!

Then; like a bolt of lightening to the heart; The Daisy Foundation announced they were going to stop trading... I couldn't catch my breath, what was happening!

Nothing had changed for me, I was still passionate, I was still trained, and I still wanted to bring those classes back to the area, so…

I pulled up my big girl pants, bought myself a domain name and here we are … This is how ‘Designed To’ was born.

blue eyed baby in pink looking surprised.

Designed To Parent, Designed To Nurture, Designed To Recover

I am focusing all my attention on postnatal. There are some fabulous antenatal teachers in this area already and I know my passion lies with new mamas. I know the format works and I know it can change lives for the better. 

I am still offering the same amazing classes but I’m adding even more for mama. I am bringing new classes to the area and most excitingly; I can now train further in the things that really make my heart sing. 

Over the next year, Designed To will be adding more and more to support mamas and new families so….

Watch this space!


  • The Daisy Foundation – Perinatal Educator 2023

  • Birth Blessing Celebrant Training – Emma Ashworth Birth Rights

  • The Biomechanics of Rebozo for birth webinar – Sophie Messager and Shellie Poulter

  • Birthing Awareness 3 Step Process Training – Mark Harris Midwife

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