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Designed to Parent

Welcoming Mummies and Daddies to be with support, education and celebration!

Designed To Parent is for those last few months of pregnancy and first few weeks of parenthood where you begin to relax and really start to celebrate this amazing new chapter in your life.

Explore what makes a ‘good’ parent, your own unique parenting styles and the facts and figures to support your choices. Finding time for yourself and time to connect with your loved ones before your little one arrives.


Coming Soon...

Be the first to know about our UNIQUE upcoming workshop designed to help fathers navigate the early stages of parenthood. Register your interest now and you could be invited to join the course for FREE

My plans for the course in more detail Welcome to your new world of nappy changes, baby-bathing and trying to soothe your little one when they cry. You can play an active role right from the start and put your baby-care skills into action; encouraging father-baby bonding. It’s those sorts of moments that you’ll never forget. Get ready to shine in your new role as new Dad It’s a great feeling, but you might be wondering where the instruction manual is to this new little arrival? What can you do to make the most of each moment, how to bond and how to soothe this little wonder you helped to make? How can you best support your partner and take care of your own needs in this exhausting time of night feeds and nappies? This new course; just for Dads, is built to level the playing field and give men confidence and support in a safe space What will the class offer? • Learn how to recognise your babies cues • Learn the science behind all the things we do to settle our babies and build their brains to promote bonding and brain development. • Learn how to communicate with your baby and what impact that has on their development • Baby massage and Baby yoga games • Routines that are easy to remember • Offering feeding support • Taking care of your relationship • Selfcare for dads • Ongoing support via Dads Only WhatsApp group My goal is to make these types of classes just as common place as they are for new mothers. It's your right as a father. You deserve the education and support too. I am offering these courses completely FREE OF CHARGE at the moment so register your interest now!

Thank You!

Mothers Blessing

A Baby Shower Alternative for Mothers to be...

A celebration of love, connection, wisdom, and support.


A Mothers Blessing differs from a baby shower as it focuses on the mother’s experience; of the journey they will go on, and how those around can support them.


A 3-hour ceremony/celebration of you and your circle of support with activities of your choosing such as; readings, craft activities and food with your loved ones guided by an experienced hand.

What is a Mothers Blessing? It’s a celebration of love, connection, wisdom and support. A mother Blessing differs from a baby shower as it focuses on the mothers experience; of the journey they will go on, and how those around can support them. Family and friends form what will be your ‘village’ and empower you with words of wisdom and love. They will create and craft items that will give you strength throughout your labour and birth and beyond. Why have a Mothers Blessing? ❤ A Mothers Blessing is still relatively unheard of in most circles, so it is something different from the more mainstream baby shower. ❤ Bring the focus of pregnancy to you, and your experience. ❤ A mother blessing nurtures mothers and parents to be, but also to give tools to their friends and family; encouraging those who are special to you to think about your transition and the support you may require. Allowing them to offer wisdom and knowledge, love and connection. ❤ It boosts your oxytocin and warms your heart. This is really missing from western culture; wouldn’t it be lovely to see this returning to the mainstream. What will happen during the ceremony? If you choose to have a birth blessing, we will meet up beforehand to plan the intricacies and ensure everything is personalised; however typically we follow a basic structure. The ceremonies are typically split into 3 parts - we will gather around in a circle, set up beforehand decorated with flowers, crystals and anything you hold sacred, we will start with a circle ceremony which consists of introductions and storytelling, candle lighting, shared readings from me and your loved ones, a bead giving activity and the shared creation of a flower crown for you to adorn once finished. We would then move on to the physical nurturing section of the ceremony. This can include, but is not limited to; belly painting, massage – head, hand, feet, shoulders, foot soak/pedicure, hair brushing/braiding, We can include whatever you feel would serve you best. We end this part with a thread ceremony (This is my favourite part!) Finally, I will close the circle with a birth blessing reading and we will share food around the candles and socialise with one another, each guest will have been asked to bring a gift of nourishing food or drink so there should be quite a selection for everybody to enjoy as we reflect on the ceremony and chat about the future.

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Newborn Calm & Care

For new families in those very early days (from the moment baby arrives to about 6 weeks) to help you settle into life with a newborn. Learning how to be an intuitive parent, identifying your babies cues, and finding the most effective ways to soothe your baby.

This unique Calm & Care private at home workshop draws on elements of baby care, parenting prep, sleep advice, calming techniques and much more.

This is ideal for anyone in the family, mums, dads, grandparents and siblings. This course is also available pre-baby where we use dolls to begin the learning.

If you didn't get a chance to do antenatal classes or you'd just like a refresher this is the ideal workshop for you.

Tell me about Newborn Calm and Care in More detail When it comes to early parenting; we can feel like we are missing a key set of instructions for our new little baby! Finding your way through the early days with your new baby can feel overwhelming, scary and definitely different. The Newborn Calm & Care workshop helps new parents learn to understand their own baby, their own unique needs and communication style. This powerful step of your continuous perinatal support takes the best elements of parenting classes, baby calming workshops and newborn education and wraps all of these together in a powerful private session for all the family. This comprehensive workshop takes place in your home, protecting your newborn bubble and is suitable for the whole family. The aim of the workshop is to leave you feeling equipped emotionally, mentally and physically for those first few weeks of your new arrival and is ideal for anyone who didn't attend antenatal classes or would like a refresher.

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