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Happy Baby mummy kisses.

Designed To Nurture

The home of Postnatal and baby classes in Hampshire

What's it all about?

The purpose behind Designed To Nurture is to bring together new mothers, fathers and primary carers postnatally in a group that takes the best elements from baby massage, baby yoga, postnatal yoga, and mum & baby classes. We wrap all these together in a powerful 5 element model to deliver an extra special class like no other. 

Tiny Feet

How does my baby benefit?

In these classes your baby will learn all about the world around them.


They will feel the benefits of positive touch and the real-time benefits of baby massage.

They will experience colour, texture and sounds as we nurture their inquisitive nature and sing songs incorporating stretches and social activities.


They will strengthen their bond with you in a safe, warm, baby-led environment that will support them from birth to 2 years old.

Parent benefits

Often as new parents, we feel we must give every moment to our new bundle of joy: the classes we choose to do for our children are often totally about them - sometimes we even feel guilt at the thought of taking time for ourselves in those precious early days. At Designed To Nurture we say you can have it both ways! 

We give you a packed baby class with all the bits that tick the boxes PLUS time for your mental health, time for relaxation and time for your recovery.

Our 5-element model is Designed To provide the education, the framework, and the necessary tools to feel confident in your choices as a parent. Getting to the heart of the latest parenting trends with scientific, fact-based educational stories and discussions.

  • To Nurture new friendships; a village of new mamas to swap stories and provide support for each other. 

  • To Nurture ideas; clarify your thoughts on who you want to be as a parent and what that looks like for you as a first, second or even tenth-time parent!

  • To Nurture a bond; bonding with your baby isn’t just about the love between you growing, it’s learning and understanding who your baby is as a person and in turn becoming intuitive to your baby’s needs.

  • To Nurture your Self Worth; giving you the confidence to make decisions or advocate for your baby in any situation.

  • To Nurture Your Health; thinking about your post-baby recovery, physically and mentally giving yourself the time and the tools to implement real change in your health.

Happy Baby
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