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Education + Empowerment = Confident & Intuitive Parenting

Welcome to designed to

Everyone wants to be a great parent, but let's be real – it's not like we're handed a

 guidebook for navigating life with a child, and it can be hard. Hi, I'm Jenni and I'm here to help in all things Postnatal. I am passionate about aiding you in your journey to, and through parenthood; the good, the not so good, and the down right exhausting. 

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ethos & integrity

Designed To is a continuous perinatal program, supporting your family well into toddlerhood and beyond.

Designed To is all the best bits of traditional baby classes for mum and dad with a modern sprinkling of Mental Health Support and a real focus on building up the relationships in your lives.

​What I believe:

  • You need space to grow and learn as a parent

  • Parenthood is an ever-changing journey

  • You deserve the freedom to to plan your own parenting journey with unconditional support and evidence-based education

  • Well-supported parents create a positive ripple effect for our future generations

  • Well-supported parents become confident and intuitive parents, creating secure children

If you feel the same, then Welcome to my little corner of the internet, I look forward to chatting with you, hopefully meeting you and getting to know you during this transformative period of your life




Designed To Parent

Unique Dads To Be classes and Baby Shower alternatives and experiences.

Courses and classes designed for those precious last weeks of pregnancy and the first days at home. 


Designed To Nurture

Formally The Daisy Foundation Tinies, Wrigglers and Cruisers.

Courses and classes designed to help you bond with your baby and learn together. Massage, Yoga, Sensory and more!


Designed To Recover

Private Courses and classes designed to process the mental changes parenthood can bring. Co-Regulation and rewind practices to make you the best parent you can be.


“I reached out to Jenni when I went overdue. We were in lockdown and I didn't know where to turn, I instinctively knew she was the right person I need to talk to. She was so kind to give me her time and support even though she was pregnant herself and with a toddler too. She saved my sanity, shared her knowledge and was honest without scaremongering. She helped me to trust my own instincts, advocate for myself and make my own decisions, put me in touch with some support groups and pointed me in the right direction to research so I could make a truly informed decision. I can now say I feel empowered by my unconventional birth story though it was a very scary and stressful time she was right there checking in and cheering me on. Thank you Jenni! I'm so pleased that you will be able to help so many others the way you did for me, she's very much needed now so much of the extra support for new mums is dwindling.”
Amy & Oscar
curly haired mother with young baby.

Designed To Nurture Blog

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